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SaniGLAZE tile and grout restoration services

Consider the Benefits of Green Clean.

Have you thought about the impact of cleaning services on the people working or visiting your facility?

A Green Clean representative can discuss the possible impact of Green Cleaning practices that can still meet your budget. Green Cleaning focuses on cleaning for health as well as minimizing the impact of janitorial service on the environment. Green Cleaning utilizes chemicals, equipment and processes designed to deliver the following results:

Cleaning for Health
  • Contain, capture and remove dust, bacteria, mold, pollen and other  allergens from the premises
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Minimize risk from exposure to residual cleaning chemicals
  • Minimize cross contamination

      Minimize Environmental Impacts of Cleaning
      • Green certified or environmentally preferred chemicals
      • Minimize water usage
      • Reduce packaging waste    
      Provide Economic Benefits to Customers
      • Marketing benefit of Green Building
      • Minimize absenteeism
      • Extend building life
      Cornerstones of a Green Cleaning Program
      • Responsible chemical selection
      • Minimize exposure to chemical concentrates through dilution   control systems
      • Use of microfiber cleaning products for floor cleaning, dusting and spot cleaning
      • Use of high filtration vacuums

      Equipment Advances That Benefit You.

      High Filtration Vacuums Improve Indoor Air Quality Green Clean uses high filtration vacuums to remove more dust, pollen and allergens from your commercial facility.

      Vacuums are rated according to the size and amount of dust they capture, and by whether the vacuums will allow some dust to escape. Vacuums that perform very well in this regard are classified as “High Filtration” vacuums. They are designed with multiple levels of filters to achieve this performance.

      High Filtration backpack vacuums address these concerns. Th
      provide a host of benefits including the

      • More cleaning power than upright vacuums 
      • More dirt contained, captured and removed 
      • Captured dirt does not escape from bag and leak back into your facility
      • Better indoor air quality 
      • More maneuverability allows for efficient cleaning of hard to reach floor surfaces such as stairways
      • Vacuum attachments reach into nooks and crannies and allow for high dusting applications such as cleaning ceiling vents

      Microfiber Equipment Removes More Dirt and Prevents Cross Contamination

      Talk to us to get a microfiber demonstration at your offi
      ce and see how they work!!! A microfiber is an ultra fine fiber that is 100 times thinner than a human hair. These fibers are split 16 times to create small cavities that trap and hold dirt far more efficiently than traditional cleaning products.

      When cleaning with products woven from microfibers a variety of important benefits are realized:
      • More dust, bacteria and allergens are removed
      • Less chemicals are used which minimizes client exposure
      • Less water is used
      • Indoor air quality is improved
      • Cross contamination from dirty mops is virtually eliminated
      Microfibers are used to make cleaning cloths, high dusters, and complete floor cleaning systems. The dusters and cloths are effective dry, with water only, or with cleaning chemicals for particularly difficult stains or tasks.

      Microfiber cleaning products are laundered on a regular basis. Instead of a dirty, contaminated wet mop stored in the janitorial closet, freshly laundered microfiber floor pads are brought to the facility. Each floor pad is used until it is dirty and then replaced with a fresh clean pad. No re-dipping a string mop into dirty mop water to spread the dirt and bacteria.

      Take Better Care Of Your Floors

      Do you have a maintenance plan for your tile, VCT or marble floors? Hard surface finished floors will last longer and appear cleaner through a scheduled maintenance program incorporating the following elements:

      Strip and Refinish: removal of all old floor finish (stripping), thorough cleaning and rinsing of the bare floor surface, and reapplication of several coats of new floor finish to protect the floor fr om damage and optimize appearance.

      Scrub and Recoat:
      Periodic interim maintenance involving  rem
      oval of top layer of floor finish, thorough cleaning of the floor, and reapplication of finish. Performance of Scrub and Recoat jobs extends the useful life of the floor finish, saving money by reducing the frequency of more costly Strip and Refinish jobs. Also, Scrubbing and Recoating is the environmentally responsible alternative to Stripping and Refinishing, as it minimizes the need for harmful stripping chemicals.

      Spray Buffing or High Speed Burnishing:
      Restores shine to finished floors to keep them looking their best. Depending on the traffic and requirements of the facility, Buffing or Burnishing may be performed anywhere from quarterly (low traffic areas) to monthly (typical office building lobbies and hallways) or more frequently (hospitals, supermarkets and other retail environments).


      In an overnight 5-step process SaniGLAZE turns ugly, contaminated tile and grout into a beautiful, maintainable surface...

      Your problem:
      Porous tile and grout surfaces are not maintainable. Emulsified dirt, urine, mold and bacteria become embedded in the porous surface with each nightly mopping.

      The SaniGLAZE solution: SaniGLAZE extracts embedded contaminants and shields against future absorption

      Dirty mop water is the problem!
      It's a fact of life - mop water gets dirty and there's very little you can do about it. Night after night, day after day, dirty mop water seeps into porous tile and grout making it look dull and dingy, and produces unpleasant odors to boot. Since it's impossible to keep the water clean, what can you do?

      You can prevent the dirty water from getting into the tile and grout in the fist place. Unlike sealers that quickly break down, SaniGLAZE creates a permanent moisture barrier that prevents absorption of dirty water. That means no odor, no germs, and no mildew. With SaniGLAZE, your tile will stay sparkling clean for years!

      SaniGLAZE  keeps you in the "Clean Zone"! see it for your self.



      For more information about our revolutionary SaniGLAZE methods and services please visit us at    

      Carpet Cleaning

      Regular carpet cleaning service is advisable to extend the carpet life and keep it looking clean and professional.

      The Experts at Green Clean can provide your facility with several carpet cleaning options.

      Extraction: Hot water with cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpets, agitated into the carpet fibers, and vacuumed out.
      Shampoo: In buildings where it is not possible to avoid walking on the carpets for 5-6 hours, shampooing allows for quicker drying of the carpet than extraction.

      Bonnet cleaning: This is an interim maintenance method that is often utilized for high traffic areas to keep the appearance clean in between more intensive cleanings.

      Dry methods:
      May be best for carpets that are more prone to mois
      ture damage or that have round-the-clock foot traffic.

      Fire and Water Damage Restoration Services

      Water restoration

      Water damage restorationWhether it is a burst pipe, overflowing washing machine or the water is coming in from outside – the moment water gets into your home is the moment all kinds of problems arise.

      Green Clean & Restoration offer 24 hour 7 days emergency response teams to help you get back on track fast.

      Utilizing the most up to date drying equipment and extraction units our trained experts will not only extract the excess moisture out of the carpet and clean it but also start the drying process to limit and stop damage happening to your structure and contents by using air movement and dehumidification.

      We are IICRC trained and work to the IICRC S500 standard.

      Category 1

      Water that prevents the least concern and includes “water originating from a source that does not pose substantial harm to humans.

      Category 2

      Water that contains contaminants that have “the potential to cause discomfort or sickness if consumed by or exposed to humans.

      Category 3

      Water is “grossly unsanitary water” originating from sources such as sewage and rising water from rivers.

      Fire Restoration

      Fire Damage RestorationFire and smoke damage can be emotionally and physically devastating. The aftermaths of a fire can be extensive. It can involve days, months of repair or could even possibly move a family out of their home temporarily.

      Green Clean & Restoration offer 24 hour 7 days emergency response teams to help you get back on track fast and work with all insurance companies.

      When fire or smoke damage happens you can have any number of things occur. You could have structural damage, you definitely will have soot over furniture’s, carpets, flooring, walls, and drapes, and you could also have an odor problem.

      After calling Green Clean & Restoration, we will begin the process of addressing all of these issues. We begin with a thorough soot removal of window sills, carpets, walls, furniture and whatever else has been damaged and will provide a thorough deodorizing of your home or place of work.